Example XProc script

This pipeline reads a manifest file which lists a number of article XML files. It opens each listed file, and applies an XSLT transformation to it, which extracts metadata and checks a few QA rules. The results are added to the manifest file. Then a transformation is applied to the augmented manifest file, which checks a few QA rules on the file contents and on the collected metadata. The results are added to the manifest file.

The actions of this pipeline are only a proof of concept. The XSLT transformations do not do anything really useful.

This pipeline was written using EMC XProc Designer. For clarity the pipeline elements in which the XProc Designer stores layout information, were stripped. An image of the visual representation of the pipeline in the XProc Designer is included. It was tested on the Calabash XProc engine, because the XProc Designer distribution does not include an XSLT2 engine.

Download: manifest.zip